Women’s Team Final wrap-up

• Andy Thornton – U.S. exceeds expectations, wins team gold at Gymnastics Worlds

• Bullit Marquez – Young Americans up to task, taking gold medal at world gymnastics championships

Routines from the meet are already starting to reach YouTube.

1. USA 179.411
2. RUS 175.329
3. CHN 172.820

Justice was done. USA was the best prepared and most consistent. I’m happy they won.

… “This is a very young team and I knew they were well prepared physically, but we were not sure how they would hold up under the pressure of three-up, three-count,” said Martha Karolyi …


• Jordyn Wieber interview (VIDEO)
• John Cheng photos

Alicia Sacramone wins her 10th Worlds medal, putting her ahead of Shannon Miller and Nastia Liukin. Congrats.

Somebody update her Wikipedia page.

Russia, China & Romania all had BIG mistakes.

In fact, every team had at least 2 falls (I believe) aside from Great Britain and the Americans who basically hit 12/12.

To be fair, Romania did not literally all off the Bars as Laura pointed out in the comments. But they “missed” two routines of three, costing them a Team medal.

Often it was the big stars who missed: Komova, Mitchell, Tan Sixin, …

4. ROU 172.412
5. GBR 169.670
6. GER 168.479
7. JPN 167.122
8. AUS 166.739

The Olympic host nation was best of the rest:

Great Britain’s women achieved their best-ever result as they finished an impressive fifth in the World Gymnastics team final in Tokyo.

… don’t forget me for London 2012,” the 26-year-old told BBC Sport. …

Ollie Williams – BBC

GBR hit 12 for 12. Beth had the highest Bar score – 15.666.

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