day 2 – Worlds wrap-up

I stayed at the competition venue today watching only WAG. Half the women’s teams were in today, the other half tomorrow including: CHN, USA & RUS. … The day after I’ll be mostly following the GUYS as they finally get into the competition venue.

Most teams use the actual podium as a chance for “mock meet”.

Most still had the alternate do full routines.

Of the teams I saw, most looked far better in the competition arena than in the training gym. It’s inspiring.

The Floor is incredibly springy. Weaker tumblers benefit. Stronger tumblers can easily compete their more difficult tumbling lines. The Men’s Floor final just might be outrageous.

As expected, the organizing committee was far more organized today. The small Japanese niceties began to arrive — including SUSHI. Domo arrigato gozaimas!

• Uzbekistan has a team of tiny girls with excellent toe point and physical ability. Looks like they are building for the future.

• Only 5 Dutch girls did Floor routines today. Floor looked their weakest event, Bars strongest. Beam was very good also. The mistakes we saw them make in the training gym yesterday had vanished today. @GymPOWER, the Dutch site, will arrive Tokyo soon.

• FIG News today started rolling out features. From the QUICK LINKS, click FIG.

~ as a sample, check out – Dutch athletes aspire to greatness

• Bart Deurloo on the Dutch men’s team cannot compete due to a hand injury. He’s been replaced by an alternate.

• Olympic triple gold medalist Zou Kai is still China’s alternate. He needs to improve Pommels and Vault. And consistency.

• the Chinese media is playing up the rivalry with Japan

• Jennifer Kwhela, the South African star, not here. THE ALL AROUND says she had surgery after injury.

But the biggest surprise of the day for me was Yamilet Peña of the Dominican Republic. She did 4 Handspring Double Front vaults in podium training, bouncing from seat to feet on the last and best one. Here’s the landing position:

(Not as terrifying as you might imagine. But still — terrifying. This is a skill where you might die if you miss just one time.)

Yamilet won Vault at the Puerto Rico Cup in July.

She obviously hopes to try for Finals as she also trained a powerful Yurchenko layout timer.

Best links for today:

• VIDEOS on Gymnastike
• LIVE blog – Examiner on Facebook
• Photos on Couch Gymnast and on Brigid’s Facebook

If any coaches or judges want to post opinions on Worlds (anonymous or not) email me:

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