happy birthday Vault Table

Bruno Grandi:

… Ten years ago, on October 28, 2001, the vaulting table debuted at an official FIG competition. It was in Ghent (BEL) where the first Men’s qualifying subdivision was underway for the 35th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. …

A long re-evaluation process came to an end when the table replaced the vaulting horse. The abrupt change from tradition to contemporary has been a shock to some. And in that context, my compliments and deepest respect to the FIG Vice-President at that time, Siegfried Fischer (BRA), for fervently defending the new table as President of the Apparatus Commission.

Safety was the driving force behind the change. …


All now agree that the change was a huge improvement. But at the time it was controversial, for WAG.

On the Men’s side, under MTC Chair Hardy Fink, it was a no brainer. The first time we saw the new horse in my region — at Jurassic Classic — every FIG MAG competed on it. First day.

In fact, I can’t conceive of a better design other than to better pad the front and back, under the table. That’s best done with separate donut mats.

There have been very few innovations in 10yrs. The best would be the Tarpan TM available out of Denmark. It’s easy to move and store. And goes up to 165cm for Mini Tramp Vaulting.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


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