Gymnaestrada safety

One concern I had on arrival at World Gymnaestrada 2011 was safety of the participants.

With no competition, no awards on the line, you’d think there would be comparatively few injuries.

Yet I saw many people there in casts. And a few in wheelchairs.

This girl was injured 2 days before travel to Switzerland. (She came with her group, anyway.)

In Switzerland this summer, 154 people (as an example) were treated on Wednesday, July 13th, with 19 people evacuated that day to hospitals for small trauma (sprains, strains, etc.).

Organizers had 82 medical staff on duty each day to care for the 19,000+ on site.

Overall, I felt Gymnaestrada performances were fairly safe. One Acrobatic Gymnast from Portugal had a bad fall on a double back. He was taken out in a stretcher, the worst injury I saw personally.

Next day a Canadian Acrobatic gymnast (who was also showing double back) told me that he was OK.

(via Rec Gymnastics)

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