CoverGirl underwhelming

That’s the consensus of commentaries online.

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One highlight is Alicia Sacramone. Barring injury, I see her on the American team for Worlds.

Click PLAY or watch her 3 apparatus on YouTube.

That Floor routine will be ready. No problem.

… Let’s project Team USA assuming Alicia as Captain. You need Bars.

I doubt Marta wants to put CoverGirl Champ Aly Raisman up on Bars. (VIDEO)

Mihai Brestyan:

It is hard to find in just one gymnast all you need for Bruno Grandi

The all-arounders with better Bars than Aly (dozens) may end up be selected over Aly for Tokyo. Especially if some Bar specialist (i.e. Anna Li) gets picked.

Despite the lack of artistry of many routines at CoverGirl, I’m still increasingly confident that USA will be Team favourites for Tokyo … and likely the favourites at Olympics 2012.

The competition – China, Russia, Romania – have far less depth. You can see what happened to Russia when they had injuries to 2 key gymnasts. In putting together the jigsaw puzzle of winning team, Marta has far more puzzle pieces to choose between.

Leave a comment if you feel I’m wrong.

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