how to FIX the Code of Points

There’s a great new Discussion on Gymnastics ExaminerChanging the code

The main themes are:

• reducing injury
• more reward for quality
• more reward for variety

read it – The Discussion: Changing the code

I heard an even better proposal last week from Dave Arnold, many times Canadian Men’s Olympics and Worlds coach.

Difficulty score is based on only the 4 highest value skills.
Combination and Element Group Requirements eliminated.

That’s it. Dave feels almost nothing else needs to be changed.

… think about it.

I believe he’s right.

Whatever FIG decides, the open ended code cannot continue. Men’s vault is now capped at 7.20. … That’s the new perfect 10 maximum on Vault. (Note: That’s not been posted anywhere. But for new vaults the maximum awarded by FIG MTC has been 7.20, even when logic would dictate a higher value.)

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