Doha Gymnastics – prelim scores

The Doha Cup, as one of the ‘B’ Series Cups is an apparatus cup. Gymnasts can compete in all events if they choose, but there is no all around. 165 gymnasts from 24 countries will compete. …

Full Twist

1 Matias Hypolito, Daniele BRA
2 Pinto Adasme, Makarena CHILE
3 Shokry, Farida Ahmed EGYPT

1 Tan, Sixin CHN 509 6.70 15.000
2 Yao, Jinnan CHN 510 6.40 14.525
3 Lee, Christine (Peng Peng) CAN 506 5.60 13.97

1 Tan, Sixin CHN 509 6.00 14.850
2 Yao, Jinnan CHN 510 6.20 13.650
3 Brennan, Ashleigh AUS 500 5.90 13.550

1 Yao, Jinnan CHN 510 5.70 13.750
2 Tan, Sixin CHN 509 5.40 13.650
3 Matias Hypolito, Daniele BRA 505 5.30 13.35

… One pleasant surprise in the WAG line-up is Brazil’s indomitable Daniele Hypolito. As Gymblog Brasil pointed out in a recent interview with this veteran Brazilian star, it is ten years since Hypolito won a silver medal in the floor finals at the Ghent World Championships …

Couch Gymnast – Gymnastics in Doha- Preview

MAG prelim results … Al Asi, Al from Jordan leads on Rings (PDF)

Thanks to THE ALL AROUND for linking to results from Facebook.

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