Mustafina ‘kicking butt and taking names’

After a surprising fall on Floor and defeat at American Cup, our World Champion again looks nearly unbeatable winning all 3 event Finals she competed at World Cup in Paris.

… As one commenter said about Mustafina on bars, “she is kicking butt and taking names” at this competition …

Bercy Finals Results and video

Nothing but praise for Aliya Mustafina on that, the Couch Gymnast’s wrap-up post.

More of the same on Gymnastics Examiner:

… Mustafina hit one of the better beam sets she’s ever done. If Mustafina has a weakness, beam is it — it’s the one event she seems to train and compete identically.

But Sunday in Paris she controlled her incredible difficulty very well. I was especially impressed with the more or less stuck triple full from two back handsprings. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Brigid: “I believe when Mustafina is calm – that is when other gymnasts should be scared.”

Blythe’s main complaint about the new Finals format:

Why six is better than four: The beam final was a good demonstration of how the FIG’s new rule about category A World Cup meets can backfire. It was set to be an exciting event, more or less a rehash of the 2010 World Championships beam final.

But the fact that three of the four gymnasts fell, and two of the three earned medals in spite of their falls, illustrates why you need more gymnasts in a final at a World Cup event. I don’t understand why the FIG thinks eight is too many — it takes too much time, perhaps? — but if there must be fewer gymnasts in a final, six would be a more reasonable number. …

Souvenirs from Bercy 2011

The other big problem with the new format is that we’ll likely wear out the top gymnasts in the World competing too often.

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