5 thoughts on “tragedy for Tracee Talavera”

  1. I just saw a rerun of The Johnny Carson show from 1979 a you were great. I went on the internet and saw the 1984 Olympics and again you were great. I was so sorry to read about you losing your precious boy. God bless you. Watching you on the Carson show 37 years later made my day.


    1. I just saw you on a rerun on Johnny Carson you were Awsome ! Did a back round who you were ! Didn’t know from the show ! So sorry about your tragedy ! I hope you are ok ! And doing well ? You were so cute on the show !


      1. My condolences on your terrible loss. I also just watched the same Johnny Carson show rerun and enjoyed your perfect performances immensely. May you & your husband be comforted.


  2. I also caught the rerun of Johnny Carson and was impressed with your maturity and talent at such a young age. I’m very sorry to read that you and your husband have suffered so with your son. Many good wishes your way–
    K. Lgn


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