analyzing Russian Nationals

Amanda Turner summarizes what we know about the somewhat underwhelming AA competition in Russia:

Dementyeva, the youngest member of Russia’s first-place team at last fall’s world championships, scored 58.050 to top two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova (56.200) and Alyona Polyan (55.150).

Dementyeva had the high score on floor exercise (15.100) and Pavlova had the top mark on vault (14.900). First-year senior Yulia Belokobylskaya, one of the contenders for Russia’s four-person squad at the European championships, had the high mark on beam (14.550).

World all-around champion Aliya Mustafina traveled to Penza and took part in podium training, but elected to skip competition to rest for the American Cup on March 5. The only other competing members of the world champion team, Tatiana Nabiyeva and Yekaterina Kurbatova, did two events each.

Youth Olympic Games champion Viktoria Komova competed three events only after spraining her ankle in December. Komova tallied a massive 16.700 on uneven bars but had problems on beam (13.750) and floor (12.900).

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Couch Gymnast and Between The Olympics have a few more details.


Will Mustafina actually be in good shape for American Cup?

This guy will be:

@J_Horton11 – Had a killer workout today. I’m ready for the AT&T American cup next week!

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