gymnastics – Men’s Floor

In my Report Card on the current Code of Points, I gave Men’s Floor Exercise a score of 4/10.


Dwight Normile:

… The 10-skill requirement for men’s routines has led to the six-pass routine, and inadvertently eliminated corner moves (and probably increased the number of Achilles’ tendon injuries).

So men’s floor exercise, once an exploration of creativity, of rhythm and contrast, has become a monotony of tumbling in a confined space. For the most part, there is no “performance” aspect. …

IG – Stretching Out: Let’s Talk Floor Exercise

There are some excellent comments on that post, too.

JuliaK recommends Tomas Gonzalez as the best routine under the current Code that still has a little bit of style. (15.275)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Many feel that reducing the number of counting skills to 8 instead of 10 would improve artistry. I agree.

In addition, I’d love to see some bonus for artistry and variety. The old R.O.V. (Risk, Originality, Virtuosity) was eventually abandoned for good reasons, but it did make for far more interesting routines. 🙂

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