Gymnastics coaches on Facebook?

Is Facebook a good place for kids? U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t seem to think so. She says she’s happy her daughters aren’t using the popular social networking service.

Obama’s daughters, Sasha, 9, and Malia, 12, aren’t allowed to use Facebook for security purposes. …

Michelle Obama Doesn’t Want Her Kids to Use Facebook

That’s a no-brainer. If I was the President, I wouldn’t want my kids on Facebook, either.

Here’s a more worrying story for gymnastics coaches:

This 24yr-old teacher from Georgia was asked to resign after posting photos like this from her European summer vacation: Cafes in Italy and Spain.

Georgia is the Bible Belt. But this is pretty tame compared with photos I see everyday of gymnastics coaches.

Andrea thought her privacy settings were on MAXIMUM (only friends could see her posts) but somehow the pictures got out. One of her students called the school to complain.

CBS Sunday Morning – Did the Internet Kill Privacy?

Though she resigned, Andrea’s now suing.

As for me, I’ve now got a public Facebook (minimum security) and a private Facebook (maximum security).


Hmm. Nabieva’s Facebook profile photo.

Actually, she’s changed it several times since. I don’t know how long that one was up there.

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