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This is a repost from a couple of days ago. Corey sends a link to a new shape of pit foam …

… the industry’s first and only conical shaped foam that improves airflow and surface contact, resulting in a foam pit that provides a softer, safer landing. The conical shape also degenerates slower

UCS Rounders are the only pit foam available with a flame retardant cover that further protects the foam from breaking down, which reduces pit dust and improves the life span of your foam pit, making it cleaner, safer and more cost effective.


Bob, in the comments, links to video of the system in use. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Leave a comment if you’ve tried them. Or gotten a quote compared with a similar volume of traditional “cubes”.

_____ original post:

With the recent injury to coach Mike Outram, I was happy to see Scarlett post some good reminders for us all – Gymnastics Pit: Dos and Don’ts


Do not land head first into the pit
Do not bury yourself under the pit blocks.
Do not attempt skills you cannot do by yourself safely
Do not land on your knees in the pit
Do not dig holes in the pit blocks
Do not throw foam out of the pit
Do not pick the foam pit blocks apart
Do not throw foam blocks at anyone’s face

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Phenom Gymnastics

Check another pit article on her World of Gymnastics blog – The Two Types of Gymnastics Foam Pits: Loose Foam vs. Resi-pit

Foam pits are extremely necessary for optional gymnastics skills … There are two types of gymnastics foam pits, loose foam pits and resi pits. ..

Click through for photo and video examples of each.

Of course there are downsides to pits, as well, especially loose foam pits. They cause a few injuries. (e.g landing on the edge of the pit by accident)

And loose foam pits sometimes result in a false sense of security.

Kids can do skills with poor technique into pits … and think they are progressing.

An ideal facility for me would be to have Bar and Rings permanently over the pit (in case of fluke grip slips). But access for the other apparatus only once a week.

The best pit system in the world right now is a loose foam pit atop a Jim Walker suspension.

The only way to get a Jim Walker pit, however, is to email him for details: jwalker AT

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