American Gymnast videos FREE

Full Twist tipped me off to this story.

Now Jay Thornton has confirmed:

American Gymnast has offered Gymnastics on Demand as a subscription-based online video training system for coaches, gym owners, and gymnasts for the last several years.

Today, I’m excited to announce that all of the videos in that system are being added to YouTube so that the entire gymnastics community can now view them for FREE! There are approximately 1200 videos that are currently being uploaded!

American Gymnast – Gymnastics on Demand Videos – FREE!


I use them all the time. Here’s a sample. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The free videos will be linked from a new site – (It’s still under construction.)

You might also want to bookmark and/or subscribe to the JoeLangley YouTube channel.

The videos are stronger for Men’s Gymnastics than for Women’s. They include drills for precompetitive, Cheer right up to Elite.

Every coach will find valuable drills.

Now for the sober news. The coach in that video was Roberto Pumpido. He produced the series.

Roberto died December 8, 2008 after battling cancer.

A portion of any YouTube advertising revenue generated from these videos will be donated directly to the Pumpido family by Roberto’s former business partner.

Thanks American Gymnast for this wonderful resource, he best online coaching archive in the world.

Remember to thank Roberto in spirit when you see him in the videos.

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