Gymternet – best of 2010

by site editor Rick McCharles

On Gymnastics Coaching I try to link to the best of the best. The most interesting ideas, photos and videos online.

Here’s a year end shout out and thank-you very much.

Best sites:

Blythe LawrenceGymnastics Examiner | Facebook | @GymExaminer

Brigid McCarthyThe Couch Gymnast | Facebook | @TheCouchGymnast

Anne Phillips and team – Gymnastike | Facebook | @gymnastike

Albert Minguillón i Colomer, Nora Schuler & Elizabeth LongTHE ALL AROUND | Facebook | @THEALLAROUND

Andy ThorntonAmerican Gymnast blog | Facebook | @americangymnast

Amanda Turner, John Crumlish & team – International Gymnast magazine | Facebook@intlgymnast

KatieFull Twist | Facebook | @full_twist

Those good folks post prolifically and creatively. Each is quite unique. Please subscribe, follow and like those as well as others online that don’t post quite so often. Subscribe to YouTube channels you like, as well.

There are a number of wonderful photographers around the world. I’d love to have a shoot off to decide who can capture the moment best in competition.

Yet many are over-protective of their pics. Nobody ever sees them.

I link most to Grace Chiu. She uses Facebook perfectly, posting a few of her best shots in order to get people to buy from her site

You’ve seen Grace’s photos in Inside Gymnastics magazine. (A site that let me down yet again in 2010. Great potential but poor delivery.)

In 2010 the best 2 new text books in years arrived. Both are advertisers on this site. Thanks for your support. If we all have our clubs buy those books, more coaches will be motivated to produce texts of that quality in future.


There are a number of terrific coaches sharing their expertise.

Shout out to former U.S. Olympian Tom Beach who’s GymSmarts DVDs and Gymnastics Minute YouTube channel tutorials are known by every coach. Tom’s started DVD rentals via YouTube, by the way. (USA only)

In so far as equipment manufacturers go, there is only one company beloved by every coach. That’s TumblTrak.

Doug Davis‘ company has done more to make gymnastics training safer for kids than all the rest of the manufacturers worldwide, combined.

The best thing that ever happened for gymnastics coaches is YouTube. Thank God for Google buying that company and letting us share with the world for free.

I embed YouTube clips every day. But there’s one coach who’s done a better job than anyone else, I reckon. Yet he’s not well known nor appreciated.

He goes by the handle of JAO. Without question his 2 videos on how to teach kip are the definitive tutorial.

There are many creative montage editors. But one stands above the rest, and has for years. That’s MostepanovaFan. She’s a treasure. I only wish she and MunchTheSilivasFan would post more often. Would someone please hire them!

I’ve been posting gymnastics coaching content on the web since 2001. The Gymternet has improved each year.

In 2011 consider posting your own best ideas, at least on Facebook.

Email me at and I’ll link to you, giving coaches worldwide a chance to see your work.

If you see something that obviously should be posted on Gymnastics Coaching, click the SUGGEST STORY link in the right hand navigation.

Did I not mention one of your favourite sites?

Perhaps you’re an Aunt Joyce devotee. … Leave a comment and I’ll post a follow-up of additional recommended links.

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Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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