Amplitude, Closure, Segmentation, Peaking

Last week I led a coaching course session on “biomechanics“.

As always, in addition to the Canadian curriculum, I added the 4 principles as invented by Dr. G.S. George in his 1980 text Biomechanics of Women’s Gymnastics:

1. Amplitude
2. Segmentation
3. Closure
4. Peaking

He nailed it. Those concepts were not understand by almost any coach of that era. Until we got the book.

When Dr. George updated after decades, those principles stayed. To me they are like laws of physics.

He’s posted a lecture on his YouTube channel – GymnasticsTechniques:

• Amplitude (VIDEO)
Closure (VIDEO)
Segmentation (VIDEO)
Peaking (VIDEO)

Each is 8min or longer. You could watch them on YouTube or Gymnastike and have the chance to comment & rate, … but it’s far better to get your own copy of the textbook. ($79) … Or to see Dr. George live.

This is critical stuff for all coaches of Artistic Gymnastics.

Gerald S. George, Ph.D. will be honoured by LSU at a black-tie award ceremony, inducted into their Alumni “Hall of Distinction”. Congratulations.

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