American Gymnast – top 5 moments

One thing I love about the solstice holidays is year end lists. I’ll link to a number starting with Andrew Thornton:

Top Five Men’s Moments of 2010
1. German Men Win World Team Bronze
2. Kohei Uchimura Dominates World Championships
3. Jonathan Horton Wins World All-Around Bronze
4. Exciting and Controversial High Bar Duel Caps Off World Championships
5. Danell Leyva Gives Horton a Scare

Here’s Hambüchen after the team medal in Rotterdam.

If there’s a nicer person in gymnastics than Fabian, it’s his Dad.

Germany won European Championships 2010, as well. Here’s that team.

Fabian Hambüchen, Philipp Boy, Marcel Nguyen, Matthias Fahrig and Evgeny Spiridonov

f yeah, germany!

Germany is by far the most popular team with the young ladies.

Top Five Women’s Moments of 2010
1. Russian Women Win First Ever World Team Title
2. Alicia Sacramone Wins (her) First Ever World Vault Title
3. Lauren Mitchell Wins World Floor Gold
4. Beth Tweddle Regains World Bars Title
5. Mattie Larson Delivers Epic Floor Routine (Nationals)

HARTFORD, CT - AUGUST 14: Mattie Larson chalks her hands before the start of the Senior Women's All-Around competition on day four of the 2010 Visa Gymnastics Championships at the XL Arena on August 14, 2010 in Hartford, Connecticut. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

No doubt Mattie will make some lists of biggest letdowns 2010, as well.

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