Kyle Shewfelt Gym Fest, Mar 25-27

by site editor Rick McCharles

Kyle Shewfelt won the Gold medal on Floor at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the first ever by a Canadian in his sport.

Today Kyle launched the official website for his first annual “Festival”.

Why is this a Festival, and not just the old Jurassic Classic competition with a name change?

Kyle wants to host an event that’s faster, more fun and more memorable than the typically boring Canadian meets. He was inspired by the Great West Gym Fest to add a BIG SHOW FINALS where the goal is to entertain as much as to win.

When I first heard of this personal project, I instantly volunteered to help. It’s been scaled back a little since the original announcement. Only Artistic Men / Women and Gymnastrada will be full disciplines in the first year. (draft schedule)

Other gymnastics disciplines will be doing major demos.

A percentage of the profits goes to charity:

Right To Play uses sport and play as a way to teach children about teamwork, fair play, conflict resolution, self-esteem, communication, commitment, respect, and integrity. Right To Play is committed to improving the lives of children and to strengthening their communities by translating the best practices of sport and play into opportunities to promote development, health and peace.

About the Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Festival

After competing around the world forever, Kyle’s learned to appreciate how much work goes into a big event like this. The biggest glitch he faced so far was when Wild Rose was forced to change their dates to the same weekend.

… On the one hand, it’s a shame coaches cannot register for both (unless they’re crazy). On the other, this will make for a bit more modest inaugural ShewfeltFest. And that might turn out to be a good thing. For Kyle.

Hope you can come.


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