Romanian Championships gymnastics champs


Vault: Sandra Izbasa;
Uneven Bars: Amelia Racea
Balance Beam: Ana Porgras
Floor: Sandra Izbasa

Floor: Flavius Koczi
Pommel Horse: Flavius Koczi
Rings: Robert Stanescu
Vault: Flavius Koczi
P-barrs: Marius Berbecar
High Bar: Andrei Muntean

If you think the USA has problems competing with Russia and China, on Bars … imagine how the Romanian coaches are feeling.

Mustafina (6.7 D-score), Nabieva (6.8 D-score) … Romania, not so much.

Blythe is projecting Nabieva to beat He Kexin on Bars at Worlds, … if she can hit that routine. Nabieva has problems with consistency, though. He Kexin does not.

Click PLAY or watch the GOLD on Bars for Amelia Racea on YouTube.

Click through for links to more videos – 2010 Romanian Nationals: The champions from EF are…..

In the junior meeting, Larisa Iordache and Andrei Muntean dominated the entire competition!

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