review – Big Book of Gymnastics Games

by site editor Rick McCharles

Matthew Miscisin authored The Big Book of Gymnastics Games:

While growing up in a family of ten children I had an abundance of early lessons in cooperation and competition. …

Matthew sent me a copy for review. It’s excellent.

But what I got was much different than expected. From the title – Big Book of Gymnastics Games – I expected traditional warm-up games like those in Rushkin’s Up Down All Around lesson plans. And in Dave Adlard’s Cool Games DVDs.


Matthew’s “Games” are mostly contests and drills. With FUN names like:

• Cartwheel of Doom
• Human Catapult
• Flip-Flop Factory

It could be called Big Book of Gymnastics Contests for Serious Skill Development.


One of the biggest challenges a gymnastics coach faces is motivating the students to perform a skill or exercise with enough repetition to produce mastery. Another challenge is motivating the students to put 100% of their effort and concentration into each attempt …

If you want to have more FUN at training, this text is highly recommended.


Retail price is $25 plus about $3 standard shipping (in USA), $7 priority shipping and about $14 international shipping. It is also available at the wholesale price of about $15 domestic shipping included (media mail) through

You can also download games one-at-a-time for a dollar each.

The review copy will be donated to Keith Russell‘s library at U of Saskatchewan.

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