gymnast Nellie Kim – the interview

Like Couch Gymnast, I was both surprised and impressed.

Nellie Kim is the current F.I.G. President of the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee.

Nadia’s greatest rival, back in the day, Nellie was the first international gymnast to compete Tsuk 1/1, gainer full off the end of Beam and aerial cartwheel to back tuck.

John Crumlish posted a terrific interview. She makes a lot of sense:

IG: What do you think can be done to make gymnastics not only less confusing for media, but more popular to the public, and as popular as it was when you were a gymnast?

NK: I think we are promoting a negative attitude against gymnastics ourselves. I don’t say the FIG, but people who are criticizing gymnastics. For example, how can we request our girls the same as in rhythmic gymnastics – choreography, dance, artistry and feminism on floor — if at the same time they have to do power tumbling in the routine? Because, without power tumbling, it becomes a rhythmic gymnastics routine.

Sometimes, instead of saying how good we are and looking for positive moments, we are saying something negative. We should talk more positively and about how strong our sport is. We should bring respect to ourselves, our gymnasts, coaches and judges, and not punish, punish, punish. In Russia there is an expression, “If you don’t like yourself, nobody else will.” You are the first one who has to respect and love yourself. …

read more – IG Online Interview: Nellie Kim (Belarus/FIG)

On the other hand …, she doesn’t sound like the kind of leader taking decisive action to correct our many problems.

It’s easier than ever before for you and I to criticize what you don’t like about gymnastics. And praise.

Keeping silent will not help the sport progress.

Click PLAY or watch her Tsukahara with 1/1 twist on YouTube.

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