beam, trampoline for gymnasts

A glimpse into the week long NCCP Level 3 Technical gymnastics course we just completed.

Shout out to guest coaches Valérie Oudin (Champions) and Jeremy Mosier (Gymtastics).

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Note: that’s a new YouTube account I’ve just created, dedicated to this site. I’ll be publishing there from now on. Subscribe if you want to see more videos like this.

Valérie does not use low and medium beams much. Instead the kids wait until they are ready for competition height beam with big mats underneath. Progressively, she lowers those mats.

Jeremy recommends we prepare kids for double somersaulting skills by training “Cody” and backward “Kaboom”. Once you can do those, the double salto backwards seems easy. (I also like backward salto travelling forwards (“gainer”).

The Head Coach of trampoline sports at the host gym, Calgary Gymnastics Centre, Brett MacAulay, feels that Artistic coaches teaching somersaults and twisting saltos should be certified in trampoline up to Level 3.

We recommended that Artistic coaches bring in a trampoline EXPERT when introducing double backward somersaults to gymnasts.

Double forward somersaults are very dangerous. Beware. Some of the best tumblers in the world have been badly injured on multiple forward saltos. (e.g. Shewfelt, O’Neill, Dragalescu)

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