gymnast Sam Mikulak interview


For the third time in the last four seasons, the SCATS Men’s Gymnastics program (in Huntington Beach, CA) has produced a national champion. Last month, Sam Mikulak earned the Level 10 (16-18) all-around gold in a hard fought battle against Jesse Silverstein. Mikulak’s exploits were key to helping SCATS win the Level 10 national team championship as well. …

Coached by Grigor Chalikyan and Albert Avchian, Mikulak is capping off a remarkable club career as one of the sport’s most consistent competitors over the years. His 91.55 is the highest ever JO Nationals all-around score under the current scoring system. Along the way, he has become one of America’s best vaulters …

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This photo is from last year …

John Orozco (center) won his third consecutive U.S. junior title in Dallas. Sam Mikulak (left) finished second ahead of bronze medalist Christopher Turner.

Sam joins Michigan this Fall. … I’m thinking Michigan may be the team to beat in 2011 after that astonishing 2010 season.

Talking to the Canadian National team coaches last week, many raved about the up-and-coming MAG talent in the USA. … They raved about the Pommel Horse in the U.K., even more, though.

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