urninary incontinence in athletes?

We get this request from Martin by email. The bolding is mine:

Martin Fisher. B.Sc., M.B.A.
Bescot Healthcare Canada, Inc.

My company, Bescot Healthcare Canada, has the rights for distribution in Canada of a product out of the UK called IncoStress (www.incostress.ca). It is a small and discreet vaginal device that helps women overcome Urinary Stress Incontinence by exerting a little pressure on the Urethra, as well as helping to hold the bladder in an anatomically correct position, and helping to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is not an exercise device, but rather something that can be worn for up to 8 hours and during activity.

We do not have any data yet to support any claims in elite athletes, but we do have anecdotal stories out of the UK of women who run benefiting from the product.

From our research we know that elite women athletes do suffer with this condition, primarily due to the strain they put on their pelvic floor muscles, either through weight training, or just the pounding of the feet on the ground (or through the tramp as in the case of trampolinists.

We would like to do a pilot with some elite women athletes who suffer, and I wondered if you might be able to connect me with some people who may be in a position to help us achieve this, if not yourself. …

If you would like the papers of the quantification of this disability in elite women athletes I would be glad to pass them on to you, …


I’ve not heard of lack of bladder control in older gymnasts or trampolinists. If you have, or have athletes with this problem, even if you are not from Canada, email Martin directly:

martinfisher {AT} bescothealth.com

It sounds like a useful product.


Update: 1984 Olympic Champion Mary Lou Retton suffered from “Overactive Bladder” all her life. She was diagnosed, finally, at age-35 and is now taking a once-a-day medication.


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