broken Ring delays Gymnastics Championships

Bizarre problem at the Men’s NCAA Gymnastics Championships

Quickest fix was to bring in a new Ring tower. That resulted in a half hour delay.

I’ve only ever seen two broken rings in my life. Both were busted (worse than this) by Rick Pegararo.

Rick was O.K. both times. Tyler Williamson from Illinois who broke this one at Championships seems to be hurt.

posted by Nebraska Men's Gymnastics on Facebook

The meet is in progress as I write.

Michigan has a great live blog with commenters.

UPDATE: This is bad. … 2000 Olympic WAG Vault BAD.

To add to the drama, the first three gymnasts on the new set of rings — Illinois’s Paul Ruggeri and Oklahoma’s Steven Legendre, both the stars of their respective teams — peeled away on their dismounts, likely because the new set of rings hadn’t been chalked, leaving Oklahoma coach Mark Williams furious …

Gymnastics Examiner

UPDATE: OMG. This might be worse than the 2000 Olympics. You can’t fix this to everyone’s satisfaction.

Apparently, they are switching the rings, AGAIN?!? Meet ref, Brian Meeker, is talking to the Illinois team about an additional rotation for the rings following the conclusion of the 7th event. This is getting scary.

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