tumbling: 1 1/2 twist to punch front

On his GymSmarts blog, coaching legend Mas Watanabe discusses a frustrating skill.

How to get a consistent front somersault at the end of a back tumbling sequence.

… One of the errors is too much whipping action on the back 1 and 1/2 twisting somersault. When they have too much whip on the somersault, the last half of the flip develops too much rotation. That will cause the landing and take off angle for the forward somersault to be very inconsistent. …

That’s not the only typical error he flags. Read the article for yourself: Rebound Tumbling Pass

Click PLAY or watch 1 1/2 twist backwards on YouTube.

Consistency on the punch front is a very individual thing. I’ve known kids who never miss in a meet, but aren’t consistent in practice. And … visa-versa.

Punch front layout (or layout step out) is much more consistent than “tucked”. That’s the long term goal. Train layout as early as possible on TumblTrak.


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