Kanaeva unbeatable, Russia dominant

Olympic Rhythmic gold medalist Yevgeniya Kanayeva and her team crushed the Rhythmic World Cup in Montreal.

… She swept the competition in Montreal with the All-round and 4 apparatus! On her heels, Russians Daria Kondakova, Daria Dimitrieva and Yana Lukonina; a line-up that is merely the tip of a formidable iceberg lying in wait to climb every podium there is. …

Gold – KANAEVA Evgenia (RUS) 28.275
Silver – DIMITRIEVA Daria (RUS) 27.850
Bronze – KONDAKOVA Daria (RUS) 27.750

Gold – KANAEVA Evgenia (RUS) 28.300
Silver – KONDAKOVA Daria (RUS) 28.125
Bronze – DIMITRIEVA Daria (RUS) 26.800

Gold – KANAEVA Evgenia (RUS 28.200
Silver – DIMITRIEVA Daria (RUS) 27.675
Bronze – LUKONINA Daria (RUS) 27.450

Gold – KANAEVA Evgenia (RUS) 28.650
Silver – LUKONINA Yanna (RUS) and STANIOUTA Melitina (BLR) 26.900


Olympics Day 15 - Rhythmic Gymnastics


Wikipedia says she’s 1.68m (5’6″) tall and weighs 42 kg (93 lbs).

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