butt glue for gymnasts

I cannot recall when the older girls first started using “butt glue”. (… At least that’s what we always called it.)

kj, in response to the pros and cons of bike shorts post, linked to the butt glue she used in competition.

Gymnasts the world over are plagued by wedgies. Happening at meets everywhere is the dilemma of wheather to take the deduction.

Sticky Buns liquid adhesive and sticky strap adhesive tape help to solve this problem. The kit contains a 0.5oz jar of adhesive with its own brush, 20 tape pieces and 20 alcohol prep pads (skin does need to be clean and with no oils on surface). All is packed into a plastic pouch to throw in your gym bag.



Leave a comment if you have any other products or methods of keeping leos from “riding up”.


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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “butt glue for gymnasts”

  1. I remember a girl back in high school (when we did gymnastics and tumbling in P.E. class) who probably could have used “butt glue.” Instead, she never used it, had a near-permanent wedgie, and just basically “exposed” herself in the gym every day! No one ever complained!


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