deduction for “chest low” on landing

An interesting thread on the IG forum started by LilyPod:

… what degrees of chest position earn a deduction, and how many tenths are deducted at each degree? (if that makes sense). Where do you draw the line between acceptable and “too low” when a gymnast dismounts or lands a pass?

I screencapped 4 girls who are currently doing the full-twisting double pike in today’s code at the moment their feet hit the floor. Can anyone use the pics to explain to me who is getting a deduction and who is not? I’m really just trying to understand. …


Elaine comments:

Officially, the deductions are as follows…

Body posture deductions:
– head at hip level: 0.10
– head at knee level: 0.30

Click through to see the other 3 images and make comment. Especially if you are a judge.

IG Forum – Chest Position and today’s code

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