Japan Cup Gymnastics 2009

July 18-19, 2009

This is going to be a really BIG meet. Check the participants list, so far.

click list for larger version on official website
click list for larger version on official website

The Japan Gymnastic Association will host the first Japan Cup in July 2009. …

The gymnasts will compete for both team and individual all-around championships. The team all-around will be decided for the first time in the world by the “5-3-3” format (Competition IV). This system will also be applied at the 2012 London Olympics. We will be able to see and enjoy how each country uses that new system and what their strategy will be. The individual all-around will provide a high level of entertainment from the top gymnasts of each country.

Kohei Uchimura, the silver medalist in the all-around at the 2008 Olympics, will lead the Japanese men’s team. …

The Japanese women’s team will be almost the very same as the 2008 Olympic team. Koko Tsurumi will be the leader after winning both the 2009 national championships and the NHK Cup. Yuko Shintake, Miki Uemura, Kyoko Oshima and Yu Minobe will challenge Russia, China and Australia for the Japan Cup medal. …

Japan Cup

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