Mary Lee Tracy on Kettle Bells

Gymnastic conditioning drills using kettle bells from Mary Lee Tracy. Kettle Bells seem to be one of the latest conditioning crazes.

I like how the YouTube description is worded.

A good friend, coach Mike Lemieux, has been trying to convince me for years of the benefits of Kettle Bells.

I’ve been reluctant to buy in because of the danger of kids dropping them – or throwing them – by accident. Especially boys.

I am traumatized still after seeing a young competitive male gymnast drop a free weight on his big toe when goofing around in the gym. It’s one of the worst accidents I’ve seen during training.

This video has helped convince me of the benefits, however.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Coach Chris was critical of the technique used in this particular video. Gymnastics coaches should be certified before adding them into their conditioning program. Or to bring in a certified coach to instruct them.

UPDATE: Mary Lee let us know that she brought in a certified trainer to train her coaching staff.

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