tallest female gymnast?

I once coached 3 young women 5′ 10″ and taller at the same time.

They were IMPRESSIVE on Beam and Bars, let me tell you.

Haley Cameron is 6′ 2″ tall (1.88m) and competed all-around Level 7 in California.

But who were the tallest International gymnasts ever?

Double Olympian Jana Komrsková was 1.67 m (5.5 ft) tall.

Katheleen Lindor, another Olympian, stands at 5’6″. She had to have the bars adjusted for her in Beijing!

But the tallest I could find on the internets was …

Marie Sophie Hindermann, a German Olympian … at 5’7″

Here she is at the 2007 Worlds Event Finals on Bars. Click PLAY or watch the IMPRESSIVE routine on YouTube.

Past & Present Gymnastics lists more – The not so tiny tumblers?

There must have been taller. Leave a comment if you know of any.

Sandra Izbasa (1.64m – 5′5′’) is likely the tallest Olympic gold medalist. Along with Svetlana Khorkina who was about the same height.

UPDATES from commenters:

A Canadian gymnast, Cara Pomeroy, is 5′9″.

She was Canadian National Bars Champion on more than one occasion (beautiful Stalder and Endo Work, Giant Full to Gienger, Flyaway Double Twist Dismout), and did well in the all-around (won medals at National Championships on Floor and Beam).

Cara went to University of Illinois on a full Scholarship…And scored a 10.0 on Bars in NCAA competition.

Ashley Miles was probably the tallest in elite gymnastics and to compete at a World Championships at 5′7″-5′8″.


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