gymnasts vs football players

Who’s stronger?

University of Georgia female gymnasts? Or male football players?

… You know the answer already.

The Gymblog linked to this entertaining article:

Challenge of the Champions,” a weight room competition put on two years ago to find out which team was stronger.

“I definitely think it was eye-opening for the football players,” gymnast Abby Stack said. “They were a little bit faster runners. But I think strength-wise, pound for pound, we got them every time. More push-ups, more pull-ups, more jump rope, more leg lifts, more handstands, just every thing.” …

… Pull ups? Nobody on the football team could make 20. Kupets hadn’t broken a sweat at 20. …

UGA football players give Gym Dogs their props

goplanet – Who’s Stronger? NFL Lineman Or Shawn Johnson?

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