2009 Australian Youth Olympics

The WAG Team Results are up.

China won.

But Japan stayed surprisingly close.

Women’s team competition (juniors)

1. China 169.825
2. Japan 167.725
3. Great Britain 161.800
4. Australia A 158.400
5. Australia B 150.025
6. Malaysia 142.100
7. New Zealand 141.300

As expected, the Chinese girls (featured in this post) won the team competition, thanks mostly to a stellar performance on beam, where their lowest score was an astonishing 14.90 (a very high score, given that it was based on eight rather than ten elements). The highest score of the day went to Tan Sixin, who scored a staggering 15.85 on beam …

Triple Full – China Wins AYOF Women’s Team Final; Australia Disappoints


China’s Wei Guo performs on the beam at the Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney 2007

Ages are as at 1 January 2009.


Men: Athletes must be not less than 14 years nor more than 18 years to be eligible.

Women: Athletes must be not less than 13 years nor more than 15 years of age to be eligible.


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