Institute of Sports Psychology

The Institute of Sports Psychology offers a number of different services for coaches and athletes.

Founder Robert Andrews worked with Sean Townsend, Raj Bhavsar and other gymnasts.

Click PLAY to watch a short TV interview on YouTube.

Robert contributes to, recently posting an article on mental preparation for competition.

… External pressure comes from outside sources like coaches, parents, and specific situations in competition. Internal pressure is self induced pressure that is the by product of negative thoughts and self talk, perfectionist attitudes, and self induced stress.

Pressure itself is not a bad thing. It is a necessary ingredient to achieve peak levels of performance.

Too little pressure and you are not mentally or physically ready to perform. Too much pressure and your mind creates negative and stressful thoughts. Your body tightens up and performance is hindered.

Every athlete has an optimum level of pressure that helps them reach their peak in performance. … – Handling Performance Pressure

related: Dr. Alison Arnold videos on Gymnastike. Alison is one of the main consultants for Gymnastics USA. Her website is Head Games.

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