training NCAA Bars at Georgia

The best apparatus in College gymnastics is Beam.

It’s unbelievable how much more solid, and more artisic, are NCAA gymnasts than most international “little girl” gymnasts chucking skill after shaky skill.

College Floor choreography too is far more interesting and entertaining than FIG.

Bars, however, is strange.

The only things that really matter on College Bars is “hitting handstand” and “sticking the dismount”.

This reduces the entertainment value greatly, for me.

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  • Note that most of the girls do straddle cast handstands. There is too much chance of form deduction on straight body cast. And greater risk of being “short” of handstand.
  • simple low to high transitions are off-putting to me. I’d rather the NCAA require a “real” transition
  • “line” on bars is not much deducted.
  • If I could revise the NCAA rule book on Bars, I would. The gymnasts are easily and safely capable of more, even with the restriction of a maximum 21hrs / week training.

    Beam is terrific just the way it is. I linked to video of Georgia training Beam last week.

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