gymnast Samantha Shapiro – Bars

Andrew Thornton on Gymnast speculates that Shapiro may be essential to the American World Championships Team in 2009:

… stylish presentation, picture-perfect technique, and razor-sharp toe point …

Click PLAY or watch her 2008 Visa Championships Bars on YouTube.

… That bars routine actually scored a tremendous 15.9, which not only dominated the junior field on this event, but would have been welcomed with open arms onto our Olympic team this year! If you recall, the selection committee searched endlessly for a third gymnast who could score close to the 16-range on this event, but ended up having to fall back on Shawn Johnson’s 15.35 in the team finals in Beijing. Had Shapiro been just five months older, she may have been the ideal candidate to fill the 6th and final spot on this year’s U.S. team. …

Spotlight…Samantha Shapiro

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