Karolyi running for Romanian Senate

For years we’ve heard accusations.

For example, from March 2007: Karolyi – cruel, brutal and abusive?

But the specific charges of violence leveled by his former Olympic gymnast Emelia Eberle look to be the first to “stick” to the teflon coach, so charming and endearing to the general public.

The story is being widely reported by NANCY ARMOUR in the The Associated Press: USA Gymnastics hears no complaints about Karolyis


What should Bela do?

Even as he faces renewed allegations that he was physically abusive to gymnasts during the 1970s, Bela Karolyi said Wednesday that he is a candidate for legislative office in his native Romania.

Karolyi, 66, said he will be on the ballot in Romania’s Nov. 30 election to become a member of national Senate as a representative of Romanian citizens living in the Americas, Australia and Africa.

Bela Karolyi has no comment on abuse claim – Houston Chronicle

Perhaps he’ll be spending a lot more time in Romania.

Already some bloggers are trying to put the Eberle scandal into perspective:

  • Anne Phillips – Gymnastike – Gymnastics Today versus 30 Years Ago
  • Blythe Lawrence – Gymblog – USAG: No complaints about Karolyis
  • Teachers at my elementary school “disciplined” young children with “the strap” in that era. They do not need to be thrown in jail in 2008. Nor should Bela.

    Best case scenario would be for Bela to come clean. Admit what they did was wrong. And to apologize.

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