Geza Pozar confirms Karolyi abuse

The Gymblog broke a very important story to the blogosphere.

For decades we’ve heard rumours of physical abuse in the gyms of Bela and Marta Karolyi.

Even in the USA.

But this is new. Geza Pozar is the choreographer who worked with them for 30yrs. If anyone knows where the bodies are buried, it’s Geza.

… Trudi Kollar, known to the world as Emelia Eberle, was a 12-year-old when she was summoned to join Romania’s national team in 1976. She earned 13 individual medals in international competition, including an Olympic silver medal.

In Romania, Kollar trained under legendary coach Karolyi and wife Martha for six years. She lived full time at the Karolyis’ gymnastic center in a small town in Transylvania — isolated, bars on the windows, very little food and terrified.


“In one word, I can say it was brutal,” she said.

Kollar said mistakes in training or competition brought physical pain — frequent beatings from Bela Karolyi.

Pozar said Kollar’s story is absolutely true.

“I saw all the activities that went on. Of course I saw the beating and the abuse, you know, as Trudi told you,” Pozar said.

Pozar said Bela Karolyi was large and powerful, and that Kollar was a frequent target.

“Trudi was the most abused, I mean physically. And when he hit her on the back, you can see that big hand, you know, landing on her back. That is something you would never forget,” Pozar said.

Pozar is now a gymnastics coach and runs his own gymnasium in Sacramento, where Kollar has worked for 15 years. He’s hadn’t previous spoken out about the Karolyis. …

Olympic Gymnast Claims Karolyi Beat Her – Stories Of Abuse Supported By Eyewitnesses – KCRA Sacramento

Bela must respond to these charges. He’s first to point his finger at others.

larger original – Geza Pozar – Olympic Gymnastics Academy

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