Maxim Deviatovski wins DTB Cup

In 2008 very few men want to do the all-around. It’s simply too difficult to train long F.I.G. routines on all 6 apparatus.

In fact, the DTB Cup had not held an all-around meet since 1993.

But with Fabian Hambüchen expected to win, this year organizers added a Champions’ Trophy competition, with €50,000 ($62,850) prize money. That kind of money drew a good field.

Unfortunately, the Fabulous one did not win:

1. Maxim Devyatovsky RUS 92.000
2. Hisashi Mizutori JPN 91.700
3. Fabian Hambüchen GER 91.550

Two-time Russian Olympian Maxim Devyatovsky won the Champions Trophy, an all-around tournament Sunday on the heels of the DTB Cup in Stuttgart.

Devyatovsky scored 92.000 to outscore Japanese veteran Hisashi Mizutori (91.700) and Germany’s own Fabian Hambüchen (91.550).

To the disappointment of the 16,000 fans in attendance, Hambüchen lost the title with a missed high bar routine (14.775). He won the event with a score of 16.275 during Saturday’s DTB Cup finals. …

International Gymnast

Russia’s Maxim Deviatovski celebrates on his way to win the Champions Trophy multi-discipline competition of the gymnastics World Cup “DTB Pokal” in Stuttgart, Germany, Sunday, Nov.16, 2008.

(AP Photo/Daniel Maurer) – ESPN

The best coverage of the meet I’ve seen is on Triple Full.

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