new Romanian gymnastics blog

Cata10, Crisloregym, Ioanavol and Mikeyy, Romanian gymnastics fans, put together a new site:

… we are trying to keep it updated with the latest news and to constantly add some interesting information about Romanian gymnastics (and not only).
Hereby some of our (near) future plans:

– Keep a close eye on the evolution of the national teams, both junior and senior

– Continuous update & news

– Realize the biographies of gymnasts from the national teams

About us

Most post are in Romanian. But some are in English, including this one:

… 5th October, there was a show on the National Romanian TV channel TVR1 dedicated to our great champions. Ecaterina Szabo, Daniela Silivas, Simona Amanar, Maria Olaru, Andreea Raducan, Monica Rosu, Sandra Izbasa and Steliana Nistor were present in the studio, but also their coaches, Mariana Bitang, Octavian Belu and Nicolae Forminte. Nadia Comaneci and Lavinia Milosovici participated via the phone. The moderator was Cristian Topescu, the one who, one Olympics after the other, commented the great evolutions of our girls.

Nadia congratulated everybody present there and announced the admission of Octavian Belu in Hall of Fame next year. Lavinia Milosovici seemed sad, probably still very affected by the health problems of her little girl. Our champions, present in the studio, looked all very beautiful and spoke nicely, although some were a bit nervous. …

“Ten for the score of 10″

larger original – Gabriela Dragoi

I’ve linked to the site from the right hand navigation under blogs: FanGymnastics – Romanian gymnastics blog

(via difficulty plus execution)

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