Grandi STILL Gymnastics President

Bruno Grandi is age-74.

Outspoken. Controversial.

He’s just been elected for a 4th 4-year term.

larger version – flickr – FIG

Good news?

I’m not so sure.

Those that don’t like Grandi post on the “Bruno Grandi Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Gymnastics Since Gina Gogean” Facebook page.

There’s more:


… Women’s Technical Committee President Nellie Kim (Belarus) and Men’s Technical Committee President Adrian Stoica (Romania) also ran unopposed for re-election.

Poland’s Maria Szyszowska was elected for a first term as president of the FIG’s Rhythmic Technical Committee. …

Four members of the Men’s Technical Commitee were re-elected: Huang Liping (China), Julio Marcos (Spain), Istvan Karacsony (Hungary) and Sawao Kato (Japan). New members are Canada’s Edouard Iarov (formerly of Kazakhstan) and American Steve Butcher.

Three members of the Women’s Technical Committee were re-elected: Kym Dowdell (Australia), Yan Ninan (China), Donatella Sacchi (Italy) and Yoshie Harinishi (Japan). New members are Lyubov Burda Andrianova (Russia) and Naomi Valenzo (Mexico).

Unopposed Grandi, Kim and Stoica Re-elected for FIG Posts – International Gymnast

Steve Butcher and Edouard Iarov will certainly make an impact.

I feel it’s far too difficult to oust incumbents in the F.I.G.

And … shouldn’t we have age and term limits?

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