case closed – Chinese gymnasts are 16

As expected, FIG ad IOC “investigated” and found that all members of the 2008 Chinese Olympic Women’s Gymnastics team were old enough to compete.

My feeling is the same as Live.Breath.Love Gymnastics:

… there is no way that He Kexin and Deng Linlin are 16 …


He Kexin – Getty Images

Odds are that, one day, the age falsification scandal of 2008 will be revealed in an autobiography of a Chinese gymnast or coach.

Yet the story still has legs:

… The federation said it is still looking into the ages of 2000 Olympians Yang Yun and Dong Fangxiao. China won the bronze medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, which concluded eight years ago Tuesday.

Yang said in an interview that she was 14 in Sydney
, but explained later it was a slip of the tongue.

“The FIG does not consider the explanations and evidence provided to date in regards to these athletes as satisfactory,” the federation said in a statement Wednesday.

FIG Secretary General Andre Gueisbuhler said Dong obtained a credential for the 2008 Olympics using documents that indicate she was only 14 in 2000, according to the AP. Dong worked as line judge in Beijing.

“I would hope that the whole world in sport realizes that the FIG is serious about these rules and the ethics and moral questions,” Gueisbuhler said.

Since an age requirement of 15 was first established in 1981, numerous gymnastics champions have admitted after retirement that they competed using false documents, including Soviets Olga Bicherova and Olga Mostepanova, and Romanians Lavinia Agache, Gina Gogean, Alexandra Marinescu and Daniela Silivas.

The only nation punished to date for age falsification in gymnastics is North Korea, which was banned from the 1993 World Championships after varying birthdates were given for Kim Gwang Suk. Kim was registered as 15 years old at the 1989 World Championships, at the 1991 World Championships and at the 1992 Olympic Game.

The minimum age requirement was changed to 16 beginning in 1997.

International Gymnast

It’s embarrassing for our sport.

Surely the best way out of this PR mess is to eliminate the age requirement completely. Perhaps retroactively.

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