who will coach Samantha Peszek?

UPDATE: Farewell party

All parents and gymnasts are welcome to stop by the gym tonight, Tuesday, September 30th at 8:45pm to wish him well.


Live.Breath.Love Gymnastics reports a rumour that Olympic gymnast Samantha Peszek’s coach Peter Zhao is moving back to China.


There’s more detail on a new blog, The C Score:

This leaves Peszek at a gym with no qualified elite coach at Deveau’s in Fishers, Indiana. Rumor has it that she could go to Sharp’s, or even Chow’s.

Of the other two gyms, I think Sharp’s seems more likely. It’s in West Indianapolis, which is clearly closer than Iowa, and Peszek is one of those few elite gymnasts who actually goes to a real school, Cathedral High. (On that subject, anyone who does elite gymnastics while attending a regular school is leaps and bounds above everyone else.) Peszek would be training there with Bridget Sloan, fellow 2008 Olympic team member. …

Peter Zhao returning to China

Of course this is all speculation at this point. But that’s what blogs are for.

Coincidentally I was speaking with a Chinese coach by phone today. He told me salaries for coaches are very good in China right now. Fewer will be wanting to leave China for coaching abroad in future.

I’ve heard the same thing about Russia. Salaries have increased dramatically in recent years.

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