computer hacker – Olympic gymnast He Kexin only 14yrs-old

An anonymous Chinese speaking hacker known as Stryde Hax has been blogging his search for information on Olympic Bars Champion He Kexin’s real birth date. UPDATE – his name is Mike Walker.

A consultant with a high-tech security firm, Stryde Hax states that He’s age can hardly be called controversial anymore, writing Wednesday, “At this point, I believe that any reasonable observer already understands that age records have been forged.”

His findings are linked from the highly respected website Ars Technica:

… Google, rather suspiciously, has been scrubbed clean—searching the engine’s cache reveals references to He Kexin, but He’s name and data have been removed. As for Baidu, the main search function returns only government-approved data—a spreadsheet that purports to show information on Kexin has also been deleted—but checking the engine’s cache proves that a copy of the document is still preserved. He Kexin’s age, as listed in the preserved copy of an official Chinese document? 14.

read more – Baidu cache offers more evidence of underage Chinese gymnasts

Olympic Champion He Kexin – by Grace Chiu

Sooner or later, I expect, it will be confirmed that He Kexin was too young to compete at the Beijing Olympics.

Next question. If that happens, should she lose the Gold medal?

I think not. A better solution would be to punish the Chinese Gymnastics Association. Certainly He Kexin did not falsify her documents. The coaches and administration are mostly to blame.

… Of course, all this is hypothetical. There is not enough proof … yet.

(via Live.Breath.Love Gymnastics)

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