Crossfit abdominal conditioning

As Crossfit advances as a sport, I’m seeing more and more similarities between their conditioning and gymnastics. In fact, many of the best Crossfit coaches do a lot of gymnastics conditioning.

From one article:

One of the questions I get asked most often is: What exercises do gymnasts do to train their abdominals? People are always in awe of the strength gymnasts possess. Gymnasts are small athletes, but pound for pound some of the world’s strongest.

Gymnastics is an extremely demanding sport which asks its athletes to do things the body physiologically just shouldn’t do and core strength is a major part of any gymnasts conditioning routine. Without a rock solid core there is no way these athletes could perform the skills and routines they are required to do.

Below are 5 common exercises gymnasts use to train their abdominals. Please note that these exercises are fairly advanced. Make sure you have the necessary basic abdominal strength before attempting them. …


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