marketing the Olympic Gymnastics HYPE

Many people only think about Olympic Gymnastics sports every 4yrs.

For once we are seeing articles like this:

Shawn.jpg… Olympic gymnastics provides the ultimate theater, displays intriguing rivalries, is purely amateur competition, and displays such consummate skill that it’s difficult to believe that some of these moves are humanly possible.

You want toughness boys? These girls participate in the most injury-plagued sport on the planet. It dwarfs things like wrestling and football when it comes to career-ending injuries, and is ahead of extreme sports like skate-boarding and motocross when it comes to fractures.

These girls are tough. And the margin of error is so small. Gymnastics is also one of the most grueling mental competitions, demanding nothing other than absolute focus. All this from mid-teen-year-old girls, on the world’s most intimidating stage.

You want athleticism?
These girls can actually do the things that movie folks need wires, and mirrors, and special effects to produce. They can balance on a four inch beam, while twisting, and flipping, and tumbling. The can swing like spider man on a couple of flexible bars, and can land double twisting double flips on the floor. White girls CAN jump. …

Do you appreciate dedication? These girls have basically given up their childhoods to pursue the mastery of a sport that will never make them any money. Sure, maybe one athlete every couple of Olympics captures the imagination enough to get some good endorsements, but that fame is most often fleeting, and is quickly forgotten. Most of these athletes simply hope for a College scholarship, though unfortunately, their sport is not funded by the majority of NCAA schools.

We like these girls because they are more like us. They are not multi-millionaires talking about “feeding their families,” while pocketing tens of millions of dollars, and they aren’t unrepentant liars, claiming their innocence in the wake of lock-tight doping allegations. …

A Shout out to the Shorties. Gymnastics Is The Best Olympic Game. – Daniel Muth – Bleacher Report

Only every 4yrs is Women’s Artistic Gymnastics one of the highest profile sports in North America.

All coaches want to take advantage of the Olympic “boom”.

USA Gymnastics is doing something interesting. On Aug. 15th they will put an ad insert in USA Today that communicates the essence of gymnastics and makes it easy for parents to find a USA Gymnastics member club in their area.

The new website is up already:

screenshot from Begin Here, Go Anywhere

It seems to work well. Here’s a screenshot from a search in Idaho:

details – USA Gymnastics launches National Marketing Initiative for grassroots growth – USAG

(via Shergymrag)

How much of a membership “bump” will your club get from the Olympics?

David Holcomb, owner of Buckeye Gymnastics in Westerville, Ohio, says … attendance at his gym shot up by double digits after U.S. gymnasts won medals in 1996 and 2004. In contrast, lackluster performance of the team in 2000 — the men and women’s team failed to win a single medal — didn’t move the needle at all for his gym that year. “The gymnastic community, those young girls and boys, weren’t excited,” he remembers. “So we saw nothing.” …

Gymnastics Campaign Vaults Over Stars – Wall Street Journal

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