1991 World Bar Champion Kim Gwang Suk

difficulty plus execution has found Kim Gwang Suk, the long missing world champion!

By coincidence I stayed in the same hotel hallway as the North Korean delegation at the 1991 World Championships, Indianapolis.

They were so, so happy when Kim Gwang Suk won bars. It was the greatest thing that had ever happened for North Korean gymnastics. In fact, the delegation stayed up all night singing and playing music in the hallway after Finals in celebration.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I was happy too. Happy that she was not screwed by the unbelievably politically-biased judges of the day. North Korea had absolutely no political influence.

But this routine was so obviously the best, she could not be denied.

Later it was confirmed that Kim Gwang Suk was several years too young for Olympic competition. North Korea was eventually sanctioned by FIG though Kim Gwang Suk kept her medal.

In 2008 people are outraged at age falsification. But back in 1991 it was not nearly as big a deal, common practice in totalitarian countries. For Universiade meets they would falsify the age higher to be more believable for University competition.

FIG needs to do something about age falsification. It has the potential to be the BIG scandal of the 2008 Games. What will be the main story line of Western media if He Kexin wins bars?

Can’t you see NBC Sports sending teams of reporters to interview her childhood friends? Neighbours of the family? Search out photos from past birthday parties?

I don’t think China can keep her real age secret. If she’s actually underage, it would be best to quietly not select He Kexin for the team.

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