gymnastics Flash movie computer malware

No harm done, it seems. But clicking on a gymnastics movie sent to you in an email may result in an unexpected anti-China message.

RaceForTibet.exe, shows a cartoon with a very skilled Chinese gymnast performing some amazingly convoluted exercise on a “vaulting Bbox” for which the jury immediately scored her a shocking 0! Whilst the gymnast’s performance is “re-wound,” a number of fairly stark photographs of real events, taking place throughout China and Tibet, are shown as a flashback. …



… we can also continue to see an increase in attacks carried out by people taking advantage of the media hype and interest raised across the globe over these dramatic circumstances.

Will you watch the Olympic games? Best not if they claim to appear via e-mail as a Flash executable movie!

McAfee Avert Labs Blog

(via Shergymrag)

Get a Mac.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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