Nastia, USA dominate Pacific Rim Gymnastics

pic007.jpgSenior All-Around

1. Nastia Liukin (USA) – 62.85
2. Jana Bieger (USA) – 59.925
3. Dasha Joura (Australia) – 59.20
4. Ashleigh Brennan (Australia)
5. Kristina Vaculik (Canada)
6. Lauren Mitchell (Australia)

full results

International Gymnast online posted live coverage of the competition in San Jose, California.

Junior and Senior Team combined:

1. USA – 245.275
2. Canada – 233.475
3. China – 233.075
4) Australia – 232.675
5) Russia – 230.250
6) Japan – 224.925

Considering Canada has not even qualified a full team to the Olympics, I have to see this as a terrible result for China, regardless of who they sent. CONGRATS to Canada, of course. The Canuck Juniors are strong.

… Grabbing attention with her long, elegant lines and flying blond ponytail, Liukin earned the top scores on the uneven bars and balance beam Saturday to win the women’s all-around … She won the American Cup all-around event earlier this month. …

LA Times

Perspective from Down Under – Australian Gymnastics Blog

more Nastia photos from the competition –

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